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Spring Renovations and Repairs

Communities looking to conquer large-scale renovations need not worry… Pool Professionals is happy to consult with our clients to make your community’s pool facility the best in town!

Sometimes communities avoid taking on larger projects, because of costs and lead-times associated with some repairs and renovations. If planning and proper research is completed on the front-end of a project, then increased value to the community can result. Planning takes team work, from board members to vendors.

Here are a few steps to help your community along the way:

  1. Be sure to do your due diligence when it comes to gathering quotes and checking references.
  2. Work with a licensed NC General Contractor to avoid potential liability issues.
  3. Check out previous work done by the company. Pool Professionals is happy to take clients on-site, to other projects that we’ve completed.
  4. Divide the responsibility between board members, for a more in-depth look at various options and to speed up the process of collecting information.
  5. Build a detailed agenda that can grow with the project, but also keep the team on a firm deadline.
  6. Communicate with the entire team, when a decision has been made. This will ensure any down-payments are communicated to your treasurer and vendor notification has taken place, so to begin work on-site.
  7. Continue to meet with the entire team throughout the project’s stages, to prevent delays and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  8. Get out there! Go on-site, so you understand the renovation scope of work and can enjoy the finished product!
  9. And last, planning ahead is the best way to avoid project issues. Don’t wait until March/April/May to address your project, because crew lead times and weather can impact the time of a project and potentially cause delays in opening.

After your renovation is complete, be sure to share the news and any pictures of the progress with residents. They’ll be happy your team was selected to represent the best interests of your community!