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Pool Committee Tasks: Ways to Plan Ahead

It may be too cold to splash around in your community pool, but if your pool committee follows these simple tips, your summer could be the most relaxing yet.

Take a look at your capital expense-budgets:

  • Each fall, Pool Professionals supplies our clients with a capital expense-budget outlining a list of both necessary and optimal repairs/improvements. If there is an item on your facility’s report that is necessary to operating the pool this summer, now is the time to get that scheduled as we are very busy with repairs and renovations in the spring months.
  • Plans to order any furniture should be expedited, to ensure your pool members have somewhere to lounge this summer.
  • Contact Pool Professionals with any future projects or renovations that your committee is planning. Planning ahead, even if you’re looking at a fall-season project, can help with communication and ensure prompt service when the time comes for your pools’ improvement.
  • Report any additional equipment needs to pool professionals, including safety equipment, before your pool inspection this spring.

Take a look at Your Pool’s Rules:

  • Discuss any safety concerns from previous summers.
  • Do you need to create new rules, or edit last year’s rules?
  • If you are in the beginning stages of creating your pool’s rules, feel free to contact Pool Professionals for a sample list of pool rules. We can help you get started and consult with your committee.
  • Please be sure to submit an updated copy of your pool rules, for Pool Professionals to use in our on-deck staff orientations.

Take a look at the Summer Calendar:

  • Note swim-meet dates.
  • Plan community get-togethers.
  • List any holidays or times when the user groups at the pool will be larger than usual.
  • If you don’t have a summer-event calendar for your community’s pool, put one together. Calendar planning is simple and helps keep everyone informed of upcoming events.


  • Send out mailers to pool members, announcing committee decisions and plans.
  • Go paperless in your communications, and start an email tree to keep pool members in the loop on any major changes in policies or access to the pool.
  • When you make the effort to over-communicate any changes and/or planned improvements to your membership, it can mean the difference between a hectic time and having a worry free summer.