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Swimming pools were meant to sparkle brightly in the summer sun. When customers and guests see a beautifully-maintained pool, they often don’t recognize how much hard work goes into keeping it in pristine condition. Let Pool Professionals bring out the best in your commercial swimming pool. We make it easy for you!


Pool Professionals offers highly-adaptable maintenance services across North Carolina. We specialize in:

  • Routine Maintenance: Our professional cleaners offer a variety of regular cleaning options to our clients. Our customized maintenance solutions are built around your organization’s needs. Our aquatic managers can clean your pool through regular chemical treatments, skimming, scrubbing, backwashing and more! Pool Professionals can also complete your daily state and county CPO checks and we can coordinate, prepare for and oversee the annual operating inspection.
  • Spring Cleaning: After winter ends, getting a swimming pool running in proper, safe working order can be a challenge. Let us wake up your swimming pool with treatments that provide an excellent base for your summer cleaning program to be build upon.
  • Safety Compliance: We work closely with state and county organizations to ensure your commercial pool abides by all necessary safety precautions and procedures. We can even do a point-by-point safety inspection designed to address any potential problem points or code violations.


Many commercial swimming pool managers and owners struggle to properly prepare their pool for the inactivity of cold winter months. Pool Professionals will help your pool get ready for winter, strengthening and securing your:

  • Pool Equipment
  • Decking
  • Furniture/Umbrellas
  • Swim Team Equipment
  • and more

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Contact us online or by phone in Raleigh at (919) 787-7878, Greensboro (336) 668-1446, or Wilmington (910) 508-2222.


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